Seerx Technologies Inc. | About The Company
Seerx is a outsourced managed IT services that take care of your computer systems to make sure that they are running all the time. This allows you to focus on what you do best - running your business.
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About The Company

One of Winnipeg’s Best Computer Service Provider

Seerx Technologies Inc. was established in 1999. The principal partners at that time were all involved with the Federal Government, either on a managerial or technical level. Together, they saw a huge opportunity in the Real World for IT service companies that could help the thousands of Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB) in the Winnipeg locale with their computer challenges. These were small companies who could neither afford nor needed a full time IT staff member.


Seerx started operations providing service to Videon and later Shaw Cable Systems by assisting with the installation of over 5,000 high speed Internet customers and a project exchanging over 10,000 cable modems for residential and business customers. Seerx’s focus then moved from contracts with service providers towards servicing the local Small to Medium sized business market.


In November 2007 Seerx launched GotData?, a bilingual online backup solution that has already saved countless files from vanishing when their local versions ceased to exist. It is hard to describe the joy we have experienced hearing that a client who lost their laptop, was able to get everything back because of GotData? It is a great feeling indeed.


Seerx Technologies Inc. is comprised of people who love what they do. It is a rare privelege in today’s society to actually be able to do, what you are most passionate about. Seerx has been providing that privilege for 14 years now and looks forward to many more years of meeting and exceeding everyone’s expectations.