Seerx Technologies Inc. | Managed Service
Seerx is a outsourced managed IT services that take care of your computer systems to make sure that they are running all the time. This allows you to focus on what you do best - running your business.
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Managed Service

One of Winnipeg’s Best Managed Service Providers

You run a company. Most likely you use computers as tools – tools to get a job done. You don’t necessarily want to know what makes computers tick or how to set them up. You simply want to get your work done. Never mind setting up a LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network).


Thats where Seerx can help. Seerx is a Managed IT Services company that is about uptime, all the time. Why focus on uptime? Well, what does it mean to you, the business owners out there, when your systems are down? It usually means trouble. Loss of productivity (employees waiting for their systems to come back up) and loss of profitability (waiting employees means lost wages, and most likely, lost opportunities). With managed services, we don’t wait for you to call us- its usually too late if you’re doing that. Instead, we proactively monitor your systems so that if any issue occurs, we take care of it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Hiring your own staff vs Outsourced IT

Retaining someone on staff knowledgeable enough in your computer hardware, software and networks and trying to be cost effective at the same time, can be very tricky. On one hand if they’re good and you don’t pay them enough – they’re gone. On the other hand, if they’re good and you manage to retain them, then you’re paying a hefty salary to do so.


By getting Seerx to manage your computer network, you can leverage your hard earned profits in the most efficient way – by paying professionals who have been doing these sort of things for years, to proactively monitor and maintain your network through automation and remote reporting tools. By proactively maintaining your systems, we minimize downtime and maximize uptime, without having to break the bank to do so.


Vacations? Sick days? Salary dispute? You don’t have those kinds of problems when you deal with Seerx and outsourced Managed IT Services.

This is why Seerx has partnered with N-Able, a Canadian company that offers MSPs like Seerx (Managed Service Providers) the tools with which to monitor, maintain, automate and fulfill Managed Services to our clients.


So what does Managed Services from Seerx offer small businesses in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba?


– Unlimited onsite, remote, telephone and email support
– 24 x 7 support
– Quarterly IT Management Meeting
– Pay one low monthly fee based on the number of computers supported
– Patching of all computers, servers and network equipment – no extra charge
– Backups monitoring and remediation – no extra charge
– Remote monitoring – no extra charge
– Loaner equipment – no extra charge
– Antivirus Solution – no extra charge
– Software and Hardware Inventory – no extra charge