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A Vast Array of Knowledge and Experience - IT Services Winnipeg - Seerx Technologies Inc.

A Vast Array of Knowledge and Experience

With a large team, the majority of which are technical, we have a deep internal pool of knowledge and experience that is hard to beat. Even when we are faced with a challenge that we haven’t seen in recent memory, the team quickly is able to find a solution or tap one of the many resources it has used in the past including our own internal knowledge base, our vendors, Google and specialized free-lance consultants when and if the need arises.

We utilise a plethora of internal tools, to make the best use of our time, while keeping our clients as secure as possible. We are always looking for a better way of doing things both internally and for our clients. Which is why a managed services client gets to enjoy the following automation tools at no extra charge:

  • Antivirus for all systems
  • DNS Zero-day protection for all systems
  • Online password database and documentation system
  • Firewall Port Scanning service
  • Security Training service for all staff
  • Instant Feedback service for all IT service work
  • System Tray utility to start a new ticket, request a quote or view progress on old service tickets, invoices or quotes
  • Remote control applications that our clients can use on their own systems

Internally we have graduated from using a word processor to track tickets in the first few years of our company, to an online ticketing system that is also our knowledge base.

Years ago, we implemented a remote management and monitoring system that tracks the hardware and software inventories of the thousands of endpoints that we look after for our clients. That system auto-generates tickets if something is going sideways on a client system, allowing us to re-mediate often before a client even realises that something has gone wrong. Thereby minimising our client’s exposure to risk.

Most recently, we’ve implemented a system that can track the numerous backup jobs that our clients have happen every night. Backup jobs that had to be verified manually. A task that took hours, now takes mere minutes.

Constantly evolving. Ever changing. The world of IT. And Seerx. Grow with us as your IT department.

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