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What is SeerxPredicting the Future of Technology

Almost 20 years ago, the founding members of Seerx got together in search of a unique name that hadn’t had its DOT COM address taken yet. All the good ones were already taken – Digital Solutions, Network Wizards, Computer Services were not available any more. So, we scoured the English Dictionary. And came upon the prescient word “Seer”. The definition of the word was spot on for what we were about to embark on.

a person who prophesies future events

After all, we had left the safe confines of Public IT offices, to pursue what we thought was a great opportunity – the chance to bring Internet and networking to small and medium sized businesses.

To finish the word, the letter X was being added to every IT related company name back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We felt it appropriate to do so as well, as the X for us signified networking. Something that is a core to our business.

Now we would be the first to say that we cannot see everything in our, or our client’s futures. But we can definitely predict, that IF our clients were to follow a set of great set of IT standards and best practices (Seerx’s own), then their IT related risks would be significantly reduced. And happiness would reign throughout the land.

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