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We started this journey 20 years ago

In the late 90’s high speed Internet became available at people’s homes via cable TV and telephone lines. The response from the public was terrific. Everyone suddenly wanted it.

We Started this Journey Almost 20 Years Ago - IT Company Winnipeg - Seerx Technologies Inc.
High Speed Installers - IT Support Winnipeg - Seerx Technologies Inc.

High speed installers

MTS, Shaw and Videon could not install their respective high-speed Internet packages fast enough. So, they opted to hire independent contractors to assist with the massive demand for a service that did not exist just a few months prior. That’s where we start our story..

Stars aligning

Len, Bev and Luke, the founding members of Seerx and at the time and all public service employees, got together to see if there was an opportunity for them to start a company that would seize upon the current conditions and see where it might take them. The stars were aligning.

Stars Aligning - Centralized Services - Seerx Technologies Inc.
Successes at Selling - Network Admin - Seerx Technologies Inc.

Successes at selling

Len and Luke took a leave of absence from their government posts, while Bev agreed to run the accounting after her day job. Len, was instrumental in getting in front of Videon management to sell Seerx to them. And sell he did. We started in February of 2000, having committed to staying on with both of their respective government departments until AFTER Y2K.

Delivering on promise

Within two weeks of starting to work for Videon, management saw that they were NOT getting any callbacks from ANY of the clients that Seerx installed high speed Internet.

Delivering on Promise - IT Services Winnipeg - Seerx Technologies Inc.

We hired a crew of techs and Seerx was off to the races.We haven't looked back since.

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