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The choices are:

Lone Wolf - Seerx Technologies Inc.

Lone Wolf

You hire someone who comes highly recommended. In our example, that person is a guy. He used to work for a big firm but figured he would have more freedom and could do things the way he wanted to. As it turns out, this guy is good. He can work miracles.

When you can get a hold of him.

Because he is a one man show, he comes with all the trappings of a single person stretched way too thin. He has a cell phone that he rarely answers and of course when you need him the most, he is vacationing in Cuba.

Internal IT Department - Seerx Technologies Inc.

Internal IT Department

This type of solution comes in two flavors.

Flavor #1

You have the guy in Finance doing double duty. He does IT in the morning, because that’s when all the issues happen and his real job in the afternoon. Pretty soon, you’re hiring a Finance assistant to help with the payable and receivables, when all you should have done was call Seerx. And let the Finance guy do what you hired him to do.

Flavor #2

You hire a full time IT person. Yes. Base salary, probably starting close to $40k for someone with at least 2 years’ experience. Now what do you do when he runs into an issue that he can’t handle? Who does he turn to? What do you do with your IT problems when he gets sick? Goes on vacation? Or you have multiple issues all happening at the same time?

Break/Fix Shop - Seerx Technologies Inc.

Break/Fix Shop

Let’s be frank. A Break/Fix IT shop is one that you call when something goes wrong. You may or may not have a contract with them. They will come out and fix your problem at an hourly rate. These shops are waiting for your system to go down. There is no incentive for them to do any proactive work in your environment, as they make more money when something inside your environment breaks. In the meantime, your systems are down, your staff are not productive, stress levels are high, and you are losing money. Not a great scenario.

Managed Services - Seerx Technologies Inc.

Managed Services with Seerx

Counter-intuitive to the Break/Fix model, you pay Seerx a set fee up front at the beginning of each month. The set fee is dependent upon the number of computers or employees you have – whichever is less. Just like the word TIP (To Insure Proper service), the monies paid up front are your guarantee that Seerx will do whatever it takes to make sure that your systems are always running when you need them. No excuses.

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