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What is Managed IT Services? - Managed IT Services - Seerx Technologies Inc.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is having a 3rd party looking after or managing your entire IT infrastructure, for a set price per month.

What is included in Managed IT Services?

For Seerx, this includes:

  • Unlimited 24 x 365 service (field techs, helpdesk and centralized services)
  • Backups, firewall, computer and network monitoring
  • Dedicated Network Admin
  • Dedicated vCIO
  • Antivirus for each computer
  • Zero day protection for the entire network
  • IT strategizing in 1, 3 or 5 yr increments
  • Emergency spare equipment
  • Online Documentation system
  • Online Password Database

How does Seerx implement Managed Services?

Step 1 – Onboarding

Just like stepping aboard a ship, a plane or a starship (can’t wait for that one!), we welcome you to the “Good ship” Seerx with an onboarding procedure. Our crew comes into your network to get a lay of the land and install all the goodies that will help make your voyage with Seerx a smooth one, including:

  • software/hardware inventory agent
  • anti-virus
  • remote support utility
  • zero day protection

Step 2 – Meet your Network Admin

You might think of him as the 1st Officer on a ship. He is the one that will let you know what the rules of the ship are – Seerx’s standards and best practices. He’ll spend as much time as needed inside your network to find out if your current standards and best practices are good enough to make the voyage. He’ll put all this information into a seaworthy report for the next dedicated member of your team, the vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer).

  • Discovery of the variance between Seerx’s standards and best practices and the client’s version of the same

Step 3 – Meet your Captain, your vCIO

The captain is the one who will chart your IT course while you engage Seerx. He will find out where you want to go, in 1, 3 or 5 year increments and let you know if you have what it takes to get there.

His job is ultimately to let you know WHAT your IT risks are and to help you strategize a way of mitigating all of them. Just like we can never travel from point A to point B 100% risk free, we CAN do many things proactively to ensure that we raise the chances that we do arrive at our destinations safe and intact.

Since we’ve sailed the very same seas that you want to travel many times before, we know where the rocky shores are. We’re constantly looking ahead for storms and bad weather. By aligning yourselves as closely as possible to our standards and best practices, you minimize your risks and increase the chances that you will arrive at your destination safe and intact.

  • Uncover all the client’s risks
  • Formulate a way to mitigate those risks
  • Chart a course for the next 1, 3 or 5 years

Step 4 – Meet the rest of the crew

You will meet 3 different crews that will help you with anything you might need on your voyage with Seerx.

Crew 1 – Field/Project Techs

These folks will help you with any and all IT related issues that might require someone actually visiting your quarters. These same folks will also help you with installing anything new at your offices, like computers or printers.

  • Onsite service if and when required
  • Onsite project work
Crew 2 – Helpdesk Techs

If there is an issue that you can’t solve, but the computer is still working and the Internet is accessible, then help is simply a call away. Our Help Desk staff use those remote utilities that were installed in the onboarding process to get remote access to your computer so that the issue can be quickly solved without having to go on site or you having to leave your cabin. They are available 24×7, 365 days a year.

  • Immediate remote support for any issue
Crew 3 – Central Services

Computers are not refrigerators. You can’t plug them in and expect them to work forever. They’re much more complicated than a typical 2 seater airplane and we know that all airplanes need a ground crew between flights to ensure their airworthiness for the next flight. Your central services team, is your ground crew. They work on weekends and evenings ensuring that your computers are patched (software updates), are virus free, that backups are working and any issues that could not be resolved during the day, are resolved at night or on the weekend. They keep the ship safe and running, while you are at home soundly asleep. So that when you get to work the next day, all systems are go.

  • Proactive patching of operating systems
  • Backup monitoring and maintenance
  • Virus monitoring and maintenance
  • Firewall monitoring and maintenance

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