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Cryptolock Virus – The Virus Game has Changed for Good

One day last week we got the call. A client infected with a virus. Now, we’ve seen our fair share of viruses before, so at worst we were thinking that this virus is going to require us reinstalling a workstation’s operating system. And other than being an annoyance, all would be well after some TLC.… Read More

Why your Laptop Needs to be Encrypted

Imagine your laptop in the backseat of your car. You put it there because the car trunk was full of old computers destined for the e-cycler. You forget about the laptop as you park your car and head into the supermarket near your house. It’s late and it’s dark outside, but you’re just in time… Read More

Identity Theft and Cybercrime

A True Story – Part 2 A couple of months ago, Winnipeg was home to it’s semi-annual “Giveaway Weekend.” A brainchild of someone in our municipal offices, its been touted as a way of keeping stuff out of our landfill and in someone else’s garage. I was driving home that weekend, and spotted a computer… Read More

Identity Theft and Bouncing Laptops

A true story… A few weeks ago, as I was picking up my children from my wife’s parents home, my father- in-law said, “Wait a sec, I have something for you”. He went away for a moment and came back with a small Gateway netbook computer. He told me that he’d been driving down the… Read More

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